Flower Bouquets

Our wrapped flower bouquets include pipe cleaner flower bouquets and crochet flower bouquets. They are wrapped beautifully and ready to gift to someone you loved and cared. These exquisite handmade artificial flower bouquets are meticulously designed to bring...
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single sunflower wrapped bouquet

Sunflower and Daisy Flower Bouquet

Inspired by the colorful charm of the fresh sunflowers, our best-selling handmade artificial summer bouquet is gathered with pretty sunflower and daisy, revealing the rustic beauty of nature. Shades of golden yellow, creating a timeless gift for someone special to enjoy.
mixed sunflower bouquet for celebrations

Sunflower Bouquet for Graduation

Show appreciation to a friend, family member, or colleague by gifting them a wrapped sunflower bouquet. Whether to say thank you, express gratitude, or simply brighten their day, sunflowers are a cheerful and thoughtful choice.
wrapped white calla lily bouquet

White Calla Lily Bouquet

When considering gifting a wrapped white calla lily bouquet, several occasions come to mind where the symbolism of these elegant white flowers can beautifully convey sentiments of purity, reverence, and renewal.
small flower bouquet wrapped gift

Simple Petite Gift Flower Bouquet

Your simple flower bouquet is now ready to be displayed as a beautiful centerpiece or gifted to someone special. This combination of flowers offers a charming mix of colors and textures that will brighten any room.
pink tulip bouquet

Sweet Tulip and Rose Flower Bouquet

Each color is carefully selected to evoke different emotions and sentiments, allowing you to choose the perfect bouquet for any occasion.. Yellow, pink, and purple blossoms are gorgeously arranged to send your love, say thank you or even to extend your happy birthday wishes.
sunflower and lily bouquet

Sunflower and Lily Bouquet

Say "Happy Graduation," "Get Better Soon," "Welcome Home" with a pretty sunflower and lily bouquet. Like a warm, radiant sunset, our sunflower bouquet is even more memorable when shared with someone you care about. Golden yellow sunflowers are gathered with white & brown lily blooms, capturing the carefree spirit of a summer evening.
orange poppy bouquet

Orange Poppy Bouquet

Pick the poppy bouquet for someone you love or elevate your home décor with these fully-bloomed handmade orange poppy flowers. Enjoy the look of spring poppy all season with fluffy blooms that will last forever, offering a rich and sophisticated pop of orange. Mimicing nature, these faux orange blooms offer fresh-looking and a truly realistic textured stem.
pink sakura bridal bouquet

Pink Cherry Blossom Wedding Bouquet

These handmade artificial pink cherry blossom bouquets are perfect for wedding, birthday, anniversary, or decorating any space at any season. Bold enough to be styled alone, yet make the perfect focal bloom for your wedding or spring centerpieces.
white cotton flower bouquet

White Cotton Flower Bouquet

Share this beauty of a floral bouquet with the ones you cared about. The occasions to use or send this bouquet are limitless, from birthdays to anniversaries or as a heartfelt gesture to express love and purity.
red tulip bouquet

Petite Red Tulip Bouquet

Red tulip bouquet is a heartfelt expression of love and affection. This stunning handmade flower bouquet features 3 vibrant red tulip blossoms, symbolizing deep love and passion. Accompanying these majestic tulips are 1-3 small white flowers, representing purity and innocence.
white jasmine wedding bouquet for bride

White Jasmine Wedding Bouquet

We’ve captured all the joy and happiness of new beginnings into the all-white jasmine bridal bouquet! Filled with handmade white jasmine, our florists take extra special care, hand designing each arrangement to make every bride smile on her special day.
pink flower bouquet for wedding

Romantic Pink and White Flower Bouquet

We design and create artificial flower arrangements and bouquets with the most beautiful, nature-inspired pipe cleaner flowers. This handmade baby pink and white flower bouquet is a romantic addition to any occasion or decor. Perfect for holding during wedding or sending to her birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day.
lily and tulip bouquet

Bouquet with Lily, Tulip, Rose, Forget-me-not

A mixed flower bouquet combining lilies, tulips, roses, and forget-me-nots offers a harmonious blend of colors and symbolism. It's not only visually captivating but also carries heartfelt sentiments, making it a perfect gift for various occasions or a lovely addition to your home decor.
black and pink wedding flower bouquet

Black and Pink Flower Bridal Bouquet

Make a bold and beautiful statement on your wedding day with our stunning black and pink bridal bouquet. Expertly crafted with a sophisticated color palette and premium blooms, this unique bouquet is the perfect accessory for the modern bride.